Belligerent June @ 711

The people I’m going to speak about work an early morning shift as clerks at a local  7 eleven, the women are June (a black 40 yr woman old and Nellie an Indian women about the same age). Both are a tag team. June is the problem in the store, she is very insecure with herself as a woman and has approval issues. She pretends to be happy go lucky always laughing and smiling on the outside and you know what they say about those kind of people? They are usually crying on the inside. I met the owner Belbair (who is the tall dark skinned man) who is owner of another location in LaHabra.  I asked him about employment one day and he was kind enough to give me an opportunity at the Diamond Bar location. Its not what I wanted being further away, but now I understand why no one stays employed there. Its because of June his employee who causes most of the problems.

She is a major headache in the work place and she is very rude to customers. I was there three days still training, it started off okay and ended on a sour note dealing a sociopath. When I asked questions both Nellie and June instead of answering my questions, they would hoover over me and complete the transaction themselves. It was so rude and immature. Everything was fine on the first day, but the second day I had to work with June all day, she had a negative attitude and was being belligerent in her way of speaking. I couldn’t have my own opinion or like something different outside of her, because she would say things to knock it down, her negative attitude was the center of our conversation. I could see it was pointless with her. Unless you agreed with her she would verbally badger the conversation. The day ended.

The following day I couldn’t get over this ugly feeling even before I showed up to work. I went to make a purchase before I started and when I walked in saying hello to everyone June gives me a dirty look with her eyes and sizes me up. That told me she was in a bad mood and talking sh*it behind my back and I was right. I over heard the owner on the phone hiring another person. Interesting because there are only 5 people working at this store, including myself, but the owner pays over time daily, which is very surprising why he would as most employers are cheap and don’t give 40 hours. He wanted me to quit my other job, which I told him no, it was a good thing I didn’t.

So what happened I clocked into work and soon had a customer. I asked her if it was okay if I could give her a dollar in quarters because I was short on ones, she was fine with that. Frankly its not a big deal, but it is to June, she made a big deal out of it and hands me ones from her draw. Then tells me I should have got some from the safe. I said, I didn’t realize I was short until the drawer opened. She yells at me and plays this sick game by yelling in my face in front of the customer. Why am I giving her attitude? I said I am not your having a problem within yourself.

She storms off like a spoiled child and complains to Nellie who is in the cooler. She begins lying and telling a story, I was already behind her at this point and since I am much taller than her she was surprised. I confronted her and let it be known I was going to contact Belbair and let him know exactly what she did. I did let him know and reported her to corporate. I don’t think he cares or knows how to discipline his employees who have really bad behavior. Why? He doesn’t have the balls and has a problem disciplining people. The problem with corporate they do nothing because he is the owner and franchisee and they don’t get involved from what I found out. I reported it anyway. This has happened before with another person at his La Habra location and he didn’t do shit about it. However, June she is much worst than Steven another employee who threatens customers and makes up stories of violent acts that customers had committed that are not true.

Now the situation escalated when I walked out and June starts yelling louder being behind me and by this time there are several people standing in the store. She is talking shit to me telling me to leave the store and get out. As if she has that right. I told her you need to be fired for your unethical behavior. She expressed how she has been there two years (who cares) that doesn’t give you privilege to behave this way)? And I just told her yeah, you have been because your stuck. The only job she could get at $10 bucks an hour and you live across the street with your aunt in her house, because you can’t afford anything and you don’t have a car. That’s why your stuck at 7 11.

Interestingly enough the night before an older woman had come in and told me about June and her nasty behavior she encountered, that June was snappy when speaking to her. I advised her to contact the owner so he is aware of her attitude. I also had the pleasure of meeting a former employee who came in one day and told me she left only after a month of being there, again it was because of June causing problems.  She found a better job at Sprouts market, but that company is very hostile in the work place. June is the root problem and this is the reason why no one stays. One observation I made of her was her desperate need for approval with customers. June admitted to me that the store used to sell “barbie dolls” a customer’s child wanted one and the mother told her no.  She had a fit and started crying, June not only contradicts the parent, but she purchased the doll for the child.

This person makes $10 dollars an hour and lives in her aunt’s house and she buys gifts for strangers? During a shift I had before departing, this kid purchased a game card, he messed up the numbers because he scratched it to hard and June buys him a new one, because there were no refunds.  This is an act for approval from strangers. She is so pathetic and such an utter loser for needing people to like her this way.

I’m not the one with mental problems June you are. I know who I am, I don’t need approval from strangers. Your so fucked up and insecure with yourself, you have no self identity or self esteem. Not to mention she talks shit to the Pepsi guy who delivers the soda to the store. He only heard what she said criticizing him one day for having tattoos on his body. I have no doubt he has a better paying job than you and doesn’t have to live with relatives because he can’t afford his own place.  Stay a cunt, it fits you best! 711 in Diamond Bar.7-Eleven-store


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