Fuck this place, Fuck You George!

I’ve had some really fucked up experiences in my life, but something can always be learned from the number of ignorant people and assholes I’ve crossed. The last few years were extremely hard, but within this last year it has become interesting and yet better.

During this time my partner and I had rented this horrible room for $1100 hundred a month. It’s basically a motel that is so run down I wouldn’t be surprised if the rats begin to move out. Its located near downtown l.a, which I hate on 3rd street. Technically its not legal to rent rooms at a motel over 30 days, it has to be under 28 days, but this slum lord could give a shit less. He knows there are those who need a place to stay with no credit checks and only accepting cash. He over looks the law.

It’s a weekly motel and at $275 a week which in turn adds to around 30,000 a year I could have purchased a home if had the opportunity to save that money after two years of living in this hell hole. Let me introduce you to George J. Noumer, who calls himself “director of operations”, what a joke. He manages this shit hole.  Let me describe this scumbag, he is abusive, vulgar and beats up tenants. He hires employees who speak no English and are not citizens, but have personalty traits of a rat themselves. George is a convict felon, who has done 7 terms and was a rat in the prison system. He works for the owner and I have no idea how they know each other, maybe it’s from prison. George tries to convince everyone he’s important and how he has connections. He is a liar and appears to be well put together and sophisticated with dress and demeanor. Don’t let appearance’s fool you, he is a fucken dirt bag. This loser is so full of shit, he has beaten people up, by slamming them against the wall and head butting them in the face. ( I’ve seen it for myself). He harassed old people one day and as I came out of the elevator, he saw me and ran down the stairs because he was embarrassed I caught him. These people were really old. He then later had his sleazy house maids throw out their personal belongings on the street, for no other reason that he can.

Just to describe the motel, it has a serious rodent problem in addition to roaches crawling everywhere and acid leaking from the pipes which comes from the under ground garage and this jerk has done nothing to fix the problems. If he didn’t like you, he would seek opportunity to have your car towed.  I know some of you maybe thinking this is unreal and your right it is, to know how a mentally twisted fucker like this can exist. Let’s not forget scumbags like George have always existed.

Now he allows pimps, hookers and drug dealers in, people who fight breaking bottles and kids were screaming and families fighting. And he does it because its his own personal prison he is running. There are only a few people like myself who were decent just needed a place to go at the time.  It doesn’t excuse how George runs this shit hole, it’s so f* up its unreal. George enjoys setting people up with the police. I witnessed this episode when I finally was able to get the fuck out of there. I

was moving my things and placing then in a u haul truck, I noticed all these construction men everywhere, well they turned out to be under cover cops. He set some guy up and had him arrested then bolstered himself shaking the cops hand, “good job”. What a fucken hypocrite, this low life is a convicted felon himself and he acts like he is doing justice. Really? I did mention he was a “rat” in prison?

I ran his name and found out about his prison record and that the guards use to stay by his side because he might have been shanked for being  a “rat” in prison. Too bad he wasn’t it would have done society justice. He is the biggest piece of garbage I have crossed in my life. Yes I have seen him with my own eyes beating up the tenants and throwing them out. Now I am not condoning all these acts of shenanigans, however this mother fucker has no right touching anybody.  Its no wonder he managers this rat infested shit hole, because the owner himself a fucken degenerate like George, the city needs to cite both of them. Read the reviews on this place it will shock you.  JJ Park Motel.

Right before I moved out I had purchased a new car and the under ground plumbing leaked on my car, this asshole would do nothing about it. He said they weren’t held responsible.  And let me just say, here is an example of this scumbag. He sets people up because of drugs, but yet he allows his own employees to smoke weed during working hours on their shift. I’ve witnessed that too.

This place needs to be shut down forever, knocked down, burned down, the owner is a slum lord and George is a pig! The health department needs to investigate this rat trap and shut it down. There are bed bugs and roaches everywhere. Save yourself and call the health department and Osha. The city of Los Angeles needs to burn it down to the ground, which it almost was a few years ago due to some crack head leaving the stove on. Remember that it was on the news? It happened on Christmas day. That’s right this place is called the Royal Park, what is royal about a roach infest shit hole?


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