As you know it takes a life time to grow and understand who you are. As people we should always open our minds to the experiences we go through, to understand why it occurs? What are we doing with ourselves as we walk through our personal journey? How we treat other people? How we treat ourselves? Society reminds me of a bowl of marbles, all different colors and sizes, mixed up. We appear different, but are very much the same inside. Most of us I believe wonder, why were here? I don’t think to much about it, but I do have my own theory of what are purpose should be as humans.

For me it has been a struggle of intersections all my life from race, to class, to my gender and not one of them was ever explained to me. Its complicated to understand intersections and how they affect us individually, but once you do, you see the mistakes people make right in front of you. If I can share what I’ve learned and express my experiences to other women (and men) who are willing to open their mind up, you”ll know 1) your not alone, so its okay to talk about it 2) discovering methods and solutions of how to defend yourself in public spaces. As people have the right to do.

Its clear to me societies problem is comprehending we haven’t learned much from the past because we continue to repeat many of the same mistakes. Is it because of ignorance and people refusing to see through a different perspective? Or is it because people are comfortable with being ignorant? The point is, why not use our personal space to reinvent and restructure what no longer works? Starting with ourselves and working our way through societies broken paths.

Being angry about the injustice that has dominated areas of society for all people I can’t control. I found I’m better off using this energy and applying it in the “free speech” I’ve been granted to speak my mind. These acts of discrimination, racism and all intersectionalities aren’t they worth us talking about? If we speak about them through our personal experiences, we can come to understand why they’re occurring in the first place to correct the wrong and make it right.


For me compassion and forgiveness are always linked: how do we hold people accountable for their wrong doing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed. Bell Hooks~